Three Tips for Beginners


Learning to play the guitar to an advanced level can take years, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Your Fingers Will Be Sore

There is no way around it there is going to be some pain involved. Your fingers will hurt until you develop callouses. This can take some time and the only way to develop them is to play on a regular basis. Every day, every second day or every third day depending on how fast you want to learn and how busy of a person you are.

The most important thing when starting out might be to play at least a few times a week as this will help develop the callouses as skin heals and hardens. If you only play once a week, you may never develop callouses. In the beginning you may only be able to play 5 — 10 minutes until your fingers get sore. If they get too sore, you can always take a break.

Be Patient

Be patient and don’t get frustrated. Learning to play guitar can be a long process. If you stay patient and practice you will improve eventually even if it feels like you aren’t. Always remember this, “The slower you go, the faster you will get there”.If you ever get frustrated when you see someone amazing playing ask them how long it took them to gain their skill. Like anything worth learning it takes gumption and it takes time.

Learn Songs You Enjoy

Try to focus on music you enjoy. If you like country music Google “easy country songs”, if you like metal Google “easy metal songs”. Playing songs that you enjoy will keep your motivation up. It’s way easier to stick to things you are naturally passionate about then to learn something that you really have no interest in.

Despite what some snake oil salesman on the internet will says, there are no easy, fast ways to master guitar. Of course there are exercises and methods to make learning easier but at the end of the day the guitar is a complex instrument and it takes some time to develop your manual dexterity.