Taking Care of Your Guitar

A guitar can be an expensive purchase and the better you take care of it, the better it will sound. Here are some tips on how to properly care for a guitar.

A guitar is a delicate thing and can be easily damaged by accident. So when you are not playing it, put it in an a safe place, preferably in it’s case. Always keep it out of the way of clumsy hands and feet, and never leave it on the floor where someone could step on it.

A closet is always a good place to keep a guitar or out of the way on a stand. It’s not a good idea to lean a guitar against a wall or anywhere else as it could easily fall over, but if there really is no other place stand it upright in a corner between two inside walls with its face towards the corner.

Wherever you put your guitar, avoid places where there could be a sudden change of temperature or humidity. Never leave it near a radiator, air conditioner or heating outlet, by a window or in the sun — even in it’s case. Extreme heat or dryness may cause cracking or splitting, dampness and extreme cold may make the glues soften. In very hot or dry climates and in dry air conditioning, a Guitar Humidifier should be bought and kept with the guitar inside its case.

If you play outdoors, watch out for the dew in the evening and morning. Do not lay the guitar on the ground or on grass as it will be damp. Put it straight back in its case when you have finished playing. When you carry your guitar out of its case, hold it firmly around the neck, near the heel. Treat your guitar as a fragile expensive instrument and you should have no problems.

How to Clean a Guitar

Gently wipe all parts of the guitar with a soft cloth when you need have finished playing. Clean the strings one at a time, by wrapping a corner of the cloth around each of them, and sliding it all the way up and down the string, to remove any dirt or perspiration. This will help the strings to last longer.

Modern lacquer finishes are improved by polishing two or three times a year with guitar polish. However, do not use anything which contains silicones as they leave a permanent coating which cannot be removed if the guitar needs repairing. Keep polish away from the strings and fingerboard and wash your hands before playing.