Melanie – Tuning My Guitar

Posted August 10th, 2009 by admin | 3 Comments

Not sure if this is from the 1970’s or what but thought she was pretty cool.

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  1. Mike Connell says:

    Are you sure about the date? It doesn’t look like film, it is way to crisp. If it is film some one spent some money on enhancement and color correction. There isn’t any smearing, so it is not tubes or early chip cameras. So if it is video it is from the mid 90’s or later (probably 2003 to present). The mirrors around the stage are a dead give away that it was fillmore style lighting. It was probably shot in San Francisco at the Fillmore. The audio was recorded with an impedance mismatch, which was probably done when they moved it to the Internet

  2. EV says:

    If this was 2003 to present she’s looking pretty darn good for being in her 60’s or so. Film is a lot crisper than videotape that’s why it looks so good. Also the audio could be distorted for many reasons but it’s probably not from an impedance mismatch. More likely someone wasn’t watching the levels somewhere. Impedance mismatches of this type usually cause noise to creep in not distortion.

    Melanie was just as good if not better than Linda Ronstadt but never really got the recognition she deserved. Only a couple of big hits. Brand new key is a great song.

  3. broccoli says:

    This is awesome. I think it’s in 528 hertz tuning, too. It oddly fits her voice.

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