New HTML5 Guitar Tuner Launched

Posted June 25th, 2015 by admin | 65 Comments


I’ve just updated the Guitar Tuner, and am interested in everyone’s feedback. Some things that have been improved:

– Custom Mode has moved to Settings -> Custom Mode
– HTML5 Mobile Compatible (meaning it should work on phones and tablets)
– the ability to change how many strings you are tuning (under settings)

I’m pretty confident this tuner could work on almost any type of smart phone or tablet, but wouldn’t be surprised if there are some bugs as there is alot of different devices out there.

If it’s not working for some reason, please let me know what type of device you are using and what browser you are viewing it through and I will try to fix it ASAP.

Also, if you have a feature request, let me know.

The old tuner can be found here.


65 Responses to New HTML5 Guitar Tuner Launched

  1. ob says:

    The half-step down tuning isn’t there. You can make it in the custom settings but please add Eb tuning aswell.

  2. Mike says:

    Can’t find Half Step Down on the tuning options which is my main tuning option for your site.

  3. admin says:

    I’ve re-added those. Also custom mode was moved to -> settings.


  4. I love the format, but I am not able to access classical guitar tuning. Please inform
    I admit to being a bit of a Ludite

    • admin says:

      I know I resolved this already, but for anyone else who needs to know to change the instrument is under Settings -> Load Instrument

  5. Ijust found classical under settings–thanks

  6. admin says:

    Glad to see you found it. And am also happy to hear that you are a Ludite, as it gives me great confidence in my UI design. haha 😉

    New features being launched soon, like the tuner being able to remember that you use the classical sounds, and loading them on pageload.

  7. Anukalp Badola says:

    I love the Tune-O-Matic’s HTML5 tuner 🙂

  8. John Jackson says:

    Many thanks, much easier to see alternative tunings. I’ve used your tuner for years and it’s now easier to find what I want – thank you.

  9. fsgshajaj says:

    No sound at all?

    • admin says:

      What device and browser are you using? This should work on most any web browser and device, however of course it’s not humanly possible to test on everything. Please let me know.

  10. Anukalp Badola says:

    I love the tuner 🙂 but I wonder when the chord-board will be launched……..

    • admin says:

      Coming soon I hope, there were issues with the other one, and I needed to redesign the programming. But now I have an idea of how to do it.

  11. Anukalp Badola says:

    the only problem is……. it doesn’t goes away when I click on the back arrow…..instead it shows the previous work……I know I don’t know proper words 🙁

    • admin says:

      I guess users would want browser history to work normally. Personally I don’t like this either, I will see what I can do to fix it.

  12. Greg says:

    Worked great the other day. Now no sound at all. I checked another site and their tuner has sound, so it isn’t my computer’s settings.

    • admin says:

      It was done for a few hours yesterday, I made a mistake!

      But now all should be good. I’ve been working on it incrementally over the last few weeks, so if anyone has problems please let me know.


  13. Jan Olsen says:

    You did a great job with the new tuner. It is much easier to use than the old one. I use many alternate and open tunings and I find it particulary nice that you have included basses with more than four strings, perhaps it was there in the earlier version too but then I must have missed it. I play regular 90% of the time but now I can tune my six string bass to open tunings to match my guitar tunings. It’s really apretiated – thank you very much for this option!

  14. Isaac Nielson says:

    So, I always came here for Drop A tuning before and now it doesn’t exist.

    Would a Drop A-sharp tuning also be possible?

    • admin says:

      I can add them both, can you tell me what notes they are?

      • Isaac Nielson says:

        The notes are, from thickest string to lowest:

        • Isaac Nielson says:

          For Drop A# tuning, it’s:

          • J.R. Reynolds says:

            I got a beat up guitar 6 weeks ago, my first-ever 6 string (I played bass a number of years ago) I totally after with the idea of playing what you like. I tuned it to an open tuning, and can play and sing already, the one-hand capability puts the focus on strumming and picking with thumb and fingers.

            I tuned it by ear and ended up with this (lowest to highest)
            D# A# D# G A# D#

            can you tell me what that is?
            I would also like to know the open tuning that gives the ability to play the most cords so I can learn some popular covers, I am a singer and lyricist so I play my own stuff, which is good, but I discovered if you carry around a guitar people ask you to play songs for them (Im kind of amazed that I can play anything in public, I’m 62 years old, which is a bit late to launch a rock n roll career!)
            I guess you CAN teach an Old Dog new tricks after all!
            Thanks for any comments that might help me, I’m Buskering in Downtown San Diego and I want to make good tips because I give them to other musicians or homeless people (I have a brain tumor so I get disability and can do whatever I like, people assume the tumor made me a bit crazy but my son tells me I was a bit off even before I got sick. go figure.

  15. patrick says:

    I don’t like it, I appreciated how easy the first one was because I would just tab over and I wouldn’t have to tinker with any settings and not worry about it changing strings before I was ready. Finding another tuner online as I type this

  16. songcommandxyooj says:

    so cool

  17. Justin says:

    Love the site u made, but really don’t like the new version 🙁

  18. Alan says:

    It’s useful and helpful to the beginners!

  19. Chayne says:

    I don’t seem to have any sound. Using a pc, with windows 8, with Google Chrome

  20. Hollie says:

    I guess I like it… I sort of preferred the old design.
    And it’s not helpful in that it moves onto the next string automatically. It doesn’t give me enough tie to get the right tunings and check it.

  21. Edijs says:

    The midi sound changes too fast when tuning.

  22. jim says:

    i don’t like that the most i can play them is 20 times, there should not be a limit

  23. Thane says:

    Just a note to say I think you did a heck of a job. Liked it before and even better now. For me it’s just standard tuning (I capo where key change is necessary to have to right strings open) and my brass string Martin. The old one worked well too. What can I say you are good at this.

  24. ron says:

    Is there any reason after 15 minutes it’s still loading?

  25. Nate says:

    Love the new look – I use your tuner to teach my class of 5th graders to tune their classical guitars. You used to have a setting to control how much time elapsed between each repetition of a string. Now it seems that I can’t control that function. I like to leave a little more space between each note so my kids have time to listen and adjust.
    Everything else looks and sounds great! – Thanks

  26. Marty Signaigo says:

    Can’t hear a thing. I have an ipad air 2.

  27. GUIDO says:

    It works fine!
    It’s very helpful to have a tuner in your pocket everywhere!
    I could not download it on my Nokia 630 but it is simple when I connect my smartphone to the link . It sounds well.
    Have you some other way to download directly the tuner into the smartphone?
    Haven’t you a free app for windows phone? This could be a must!
    guido italy

  28. Alaine says:

    I tried out your guitar tuning program but the sound was distorted particularly on the bass E. All the best for improving the program.

  29. Alaine says:

    I tried to use you guitar tuning program but the lower E and G sometimes does not work.
    All the best in fine tuning your program

    Thanks from


  30. TheStrainger says:

    My “Go-to” Guitar tuner!


  31. Brian says:

    this tuner stinks you shouldn’t have up dated it now i will go else where thanks for screwing it up

  32. Ian says:

    Bass Tuner won’t load.. Help. 🙁

  33. sai says:

    three cheers!;) it is aweeee someeee superb mega smashing.

  34. wbd12s says:

    I read that you wanted to put the old one online as an alternative. Any link to that version yet? I do like the new one and it’s features, but somehow I always got faster results with the old tuner. I guess I could visualize it better. Both get the job done equally well though.

  35. McKaylee says:

    Just starting to learn how to play the guitar. This helped so much!! Thanks! Any tips? It’s harder than it looks!

  36. McKaylee says:

    This is awesome! Thanks so much! I’m just learning how to play the guitar, any tips?

  37. Zach says:

    Hey! Love the site. Just one small thing I’ve noticed since you put up the new version: you have to put in “www.” before “howtotuneaguitar” for the tuner to load. It’s not that big of a problem, but thought you should know. Otherwise I think it’s better than the old version!

  38. Larry says:

    Love your tuner. Guess I’ve used it for about as long as it has been online. Just keeps getting better, especially with your instant feedback for those having some problem.

  39. Guitar man says:

    Doesn’t work on iPad 3 . There’s no instructions how to use the tuner , which is ridiculous . Just simply wanted a e note to tune to . Useless to me . Do you push what appears to be a button below each note ? Simple instructions would be a good idea.

  40. daniel says:

    I liked it better when it was Flash. Bring back the Flash version!!!

  41. len alan says:

    Just came across the tuner, and it looked good enough to try, however, the 12 string tuning does not come up.
    The design and size is super cool and feels as if the unit
    is live on my desk. Great job

  42. Larry says:

    Love the tuner!!! Wish I could buy it as a stand alone installable program. I’m afraid someday I’ll try to go to your site and it’s gone.
    You should sell it!

  43. Ben says:

    Auto advance by default is super annoying :/ otherwise it’s fine.

  44. Patty says:

    Thank you. I used ver 1.0 for many years. this version is even better.

  45. Cheryl says:

    Not getting any sound for tuner on early iPad though all other programs and sites have sound…sounds awful on iPhone 6 ..clean electric is way distorted

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