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Posted November 6th, 2008 by admin | 56 Comments

After alot of blood, sweat and tears, I’ve finally finished a new guitar tuner.

Here are the improvements I’ve made on the old one:

  • 8x higher quality sound files
  • mutiple guitar sounds including Clean Electric, Classical Acoustic, Distorted Electice and Steel String Accoustic
  • still has custom mode and some default tunings – you can use all the new sounds with these modes
  • you can customize the settings including:
    • auto advance – you need 2 hands to tune a guitar so this will automatically advance through the notes without having to click buttons each time
    • note delay – the time between the sounds
    • note repeat – how many times you’d like the note to repeat before it plays the next one or if your not in auto advance mode the sound will stop after this many times
    • default tuning mode – this will load your favorite tuning when you visit howtotuneaguitar.org
    • default sound – this will load your favorite guitar sound when you visiit howtotuneaguitar.org

I hope that this tuner will work for everyone. You can check it out here.

If you have problems with it or feedback please leave me a message below.

56 Responses to Updated: Guitar Tuner

  1. Andy says:

    hey there, i used your tuner all the time and it was the best one id found so far on the internet. the only problem ive found with this new one is it wont repeat for me, even after i checked out the settings… im not sure if this is an initial glitch or what?

  2. rev jarrett says:


    just wanted to thank you for this fantastic tool! I am sure it was a lot of effort and work and wanted you to know how much it was appreciated.

  3. Tom says:

    Hi Andy;

    It was probably an initial glitch. I know that at first I had this problem. Try clearing your cache and see if it works now. Or simply refreshing it.

    Thanks for the kind words Jarret.

  4. Sam says:

    Hey, I’ve been using your tuner for quite a while now, only thing I don’t like about the new version, is that the strings don’t ring long enough.. would it be possible to make ’em ring for a longer amount of time?


  5. fretlords says:

    its amazing! great work!!!

  6. Dan says:

    Great tuner! Im at college and this is a huge help. Best one on the net! Thanks

  7. Tom says:

    Hey Dan and Fretlords thanks for the kind feedback.

    Sam, that’s a great suggestion. Let me think about this for abit.

    To make them ring longer I actually have to make new audio files. But what I am thinking is maybe to have an option where people can adjust if they want longer or shorter files.

    Because the files I am using are much higher quality then the last tuner; I was initially concerned about how the server would respond as thousands of people use the tuner everday. But now that it seems to be running smoothly – I’ll consider making some longer files.

    Thanks alot for the suggestion.

  8. lance says:

    i honestly dont like this new upgraded version i used the previous one all the time.. think you can upload it? or maybe make it an exe or something so i can download it and use it? something about this new one when i do standard tuning it just doesnt sound right to me specially on my guitar…. hmm guess it could just be me?

  9. Tom says:

    Hi Lance,

    What setting are you using? The sound on the other one is terrible – I wanted to make one with higher quality sound this time as it there isn’t one anywhere.

    I am going to be working on it to make the notes ring lounger as suggested; maybe that’s whats bothering you?

  10. Megan says:

    Hi, I was using your guitar tuner heaps and really appreciating having access to such a great tool to help me tune. My problem is that to use the new guitar apparently I have to download a new version of Flash which my computer is unable to download as I’m on a Mac which is now out of date. Is there any way I can get access to the old guitar tuner still?!

  11. Casey says:

    How about a downloadable version?

    Also having issues with this using firefox (no sound). Works fine in Chrome.

  12. Tom says:

    Hi Megan;

    Did you try upgrading your web browser? Usually it doesnt matter if the Mac is old because it’s the web browser that causes problems.

    You can try downloading firefox: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

    Casey; a downloadable version at this point is not possible as all the audio is hosted on the server and it would be a large download to get it all.

    Do you know what version of FF you are using casey? As well as the flash version?

    To check the flash version click on:

    Tools -> Add ons -> plugins

    To check FireFoxes version click on FireFox -> About FireFox:

    It will only work with Flash Player 9 and up; you may try upgrading here:


    I tested it in FireFox on a PC and a Mac so there should not be any issues. So I’d suggest upgrading flash and then if that doesn’t work tell me what versions of each you have.

  13. Maarten says:


    First of all, I like the guitar tuner, it helps me alot.

    BUT, Most of the buttons don’t work in Firefox (3), it DOES work in IE. I don’t know why it doesn’t work in FF, but maybe you should look at it.

    I have flash 9+.

    Thanx in adv.

  14. TeEkU says:

    u should make it so people can download the tuner, i would 😀

  15. Nicos says:

    He doesn’t work anymore to me … Why do you mean with “Try clearing your cache” ???


  16. WakaWakka says:

    i dont like this new tuner. The sounds dont sound like my guitar…now i have issues to tune my guitar…

    cant u upload the old tuner too? or transfer the sounds to the new one?

  17. Nuno says:

    hi..please put the old one back.. this one doesnt change tuning(drop c)

  18. Nuno says:

    by the way im using linux, so it might be a flash 10 problem.. but your other version worked for me

  19. Crash says:

    Tom — Just got a guitar for my son and this tuner saved me. I could not figure our what I was doing and broke two strings trying to tune to a virtual keyboard. Your tuner is exactly what Crash needed to get his son jammin’.


  20. Jeff says:

    I like this new tuner because of all the new features. However, there are 2 problems. Could you make the sounds ring longer and louder? And also the sound quality doesn’t seem very clear. Or is it just my speakers? lol

  21. bill says:

    how can I download this to my broswer I would really like it if I can get it, I belong to a site for people who creat music and tryed to put it in my profie but it didn’t work its called Indaba Music I really would like this so I can tune my guitar in open D as I was in a car wreck and lost all the mussel in my left hand and can’t play Bar chords and this was suggested to me thank you for your time

  22. marcelini says:

    the best

  23. Tom says:

    I’ll work on either getting the old version up – or making longer audiio files for the longer version.

    It takes a lot of time to make all the audio files so it might take me some time to do another update.

  24. Albert Arguijo says:

    a lot of help…was just wondering if there was actually a tuner like this for sale at stores. feel free to email me at albuttarguijo@comcast.net. THANKS!!

  25. the MAN says:

    this web site is the best i’v seen for tuning guitars. i HIGHLY recomend it.

    one question, for clean electric on sound type, is it with or thithout an amp?

  26. Cameron says:

    Thank-you so much for making this excellent utility available. It has really helped me tune my guitar when there is no reference available. It’s great!!.

  27. Ed Vallee says:

    The samples used on the previous version of the guitar tuner were much cleaner with a more natural sounding decay. These samples seem to cut out prematurely, just as the note is beginning to settle in.

  28. jared says:

    how do i use it?

  29. Straw says:

    I havent been here long, but your tuner is very useful and very much AWESOME(not that u didnt already know that.) -haha- Thanx so much for your time to do this. I really appreciate it. ;D (>*.*)> <(*.*<)

  30. Kate Smith says:

    ur tuning was pretty good 4 out of 5 stars given. thx but not enough info…. jk it was a good sound

  31. Steve says:

    Great Tunner and design, especially all the alt tunnings!! I’m not sure if this is a brouser thing (IE 7) but I can barley pick out the letters as the fonts are very dark. Any suggestions or comments?

  32. Steve says:

    Ahhhh, the note only field is not back lighting for me. So, the res are better but could still be a brighter font but maybe there is a bug for the note field??

  33. Suzanne Zapf says:

    I uploaded your tuner on my site. After I play a couple notes, the tuner keeps sounding and I can’t turn off the sound. The last note that I played keeps sounding, repeatedly. Please advise. – Suzanne

  34. Lauren says:

    Hi, you have a really cool website. I
    ve used it before, but today I’m hacing some trouble with it. I can’t get my standard guitar to sound like the B and E (higher one) the ones on your guitar tuner. Help me out! 🙂

  35. Lauren says:

    Okay sorry, about the spelling mistakes. I was rushing. 🙁

  36. Jeff S. says:

    This thing is sweet, works great for me. Thanks!

    Also, thought I’d add my $.02 about the download, I’d be willing to DL a large file just to have this on my laptop when jammin w/ friends away from my PC…..hell, I’d even be willing to pay for it! =D

    Great Tool!

  37. Cliff says:

    Love the tuner, I have no idea what to play now that my acoustic is tuned to fourths, but that is why I did it. Do you want/care/know how to upload the tuner onto a facebook page? Great product. Cliff

  38. Dean says:

    Cannot use tuner today…..have been useing in the past 🙁

  39. Jim says:

    THX for this awesome website it helped me alot =)))

  40. Erick says:

    Umm there Is No Dropped A Tuning &nd I Want To Know How That Sounds.

  41. oliver says:

    hey i used this tuner alot its really awsome but havent used the new one yet.. but ill give it a try keep up the good work =))))

  42. Bboymike says:

    Needs keyboard shortcuts, so I can switch strings, without grabbing the mouse

  43. Jessie says:

    heyy i have an electric fender just a regular one but i had trouble tuning the first “E” chord. it was either too high or too low…..idk whatves ill figure it out

  44. CJ Carpenter says:

    Love the guitar tuner! I am a stone-cold beginner, and have been for years. I couldn’t find my $20.00 tuner, so I went online and found your site. Tuning by hearing the open string I think is better because it makes me learn how the string sounds.

    One suggestion: Do you plan to make a version of this for the iPhone/iPod Touch? The guitar tuners that are there mostly require a mic…. I would absolutely love to have this tuner anytime, and would gladly pay a modest price for it.


    CJ Carpenter
    Charlotte, NC

  45. James says:

    I love this place. Its a huge help now that my electric tuner is broken.
    I want to thank the creator of this becuase you are a genius.

  46. Alberto says:

    Thanks a lot! Your tool is the best thing i’ve find on web in 30 seconds!

  47. JJ says:

    Great tuner, best I’ve found!!!
    Would it be possible to change the background colour in the drop down boxes so that the text stands out a bit more when you’re sorting through? Those of us without 20/20 vision find black on dark green hard to see.

    Cheers from a grateful old git!

  48. Jason says:

    Hey this great thanks
    only one thing:
    would you be able to make the notes play for longer?

  49. check your settings for the open A tuning it’s bass ackwards it shows–E A C# E A E when it’s always
    ___________________E A E A C# E But just as the Blues Brothers say musically rrrrubber biscuits, what ya want for nothin’

  50. Tony Reed says:


    I have used your online “tuner” for a year and now, today, when i click on the notes — there is NO sound??

    Is there a problem? My volume is turned on and i’m not having any other audio problems with my computer.
    thank you

  51. Jess says:

    Just wanted to say – this is awesome! Thanks for your hard work! =)

  52. mark says:

    Hey dude,
    thanks for this great site!
    I’m a newbie and got my second first axe and learned some basics from a good dude man, Jon Lockhart of “mean Gene and the portable jons” they are outta pismo beach in california.
    great dude. Gene is Gene Baker of Baker Guitars.
    I dig this site and will be here all fricken day.

  53. mark says:

    I want your tuner amp to go to 11!
    So it’s one louder!

  54. Mark says:

    Hi just to let you know I think it is one of the best tuners on the net. but its just a wee problem that th lowest C in the Drop C dosn’t work with me just incase u didnt know thanks

  55. Mike says:

    Tuner is awesome!!!

  56. Paul says:

    I had an old computer with who-knows=what chip and IE version and WindowsXP. I loved your tuner and its great features; worked perfectly. But now I have a new laptop with an I7 chip, IE10, and Windows8, and the tuner window doesn’t display the tuner. What can I do? And am I really the second post in the last 30 months?

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