Why I Hate Guitar Hero

Posted March 4th, 2008 by admin | 48 Comments

Okay I will be honest; I have never actually played Guitar Hero. The whole idea seems so absurd to me, playing a little plastic guitar that is attached to a TV. I admit it would probably be fun, and if it were around I’d probably give it a go. And for the first 10 minutes or so I’d probably be mesmerized by it.

The reason I hate Guitar Hero though is that when I subscribe to Google Alerts with the keyword Guitar – I get like 10 links to Guitar Hero Articles sent to me everyday. Things like Ex-NFL player almost dies – concerned about Guitar Hero skills, This new device is all you need to be a true Air Guitar Hero or my personal favorite The Tragic Death of the Guitar Hero.

It’s really quite ridiculous – here I am sifting through these emails to find anything of value happening on the net Guitar wise and I end up watching someone play Guitar Hero on YouTube for 10 minutes. Seriously, quit posting this stuff on YouTube, you are wasting my life.

The video that I ended up accidently watching tonight is below.

48 Responses to Why I Hate Guitar Hero

  1. Rainy43 says:

    I’m with you man. when looking for guitar theme sites, and guitar sites at all, at any place, google or yahoo, i always hit about ten Guitar Hero sites. but it’s fun to laugh about your friend who thinks he’s the master of guitar because he can master that plastic guitar. When he trys to play a real one, thinking Guitar Hero and a real guitar is almost the same, you can die outta laugh. RESPECT.

  2. Tom says:

    Ha, ha.

    Master of Plastic Guitar.

    Says it All.

  3. The Twizzler says:

    I can understand being a little irritated by Guitar Hero news when you subscribe to something Guitar related. Or any junk mail or spam for that matter.

    However I find the hatred for a video game a bit silly. Especially when your complaining that it’s wasting your time when your wasting your time searching through You Tube. I mean come on pay attention and your not going to watch something you don’t want too.

    I was at a party this Christmas where people were playing Rock Band. One of the other guests said rather loudly and sarcastically,

    “All my friends that play guitar hate this game because it’s nothing like playing a real Guitar”

    to which I replied,

    “All my friends that are gangsters hate Grand Theft Auto because its nothing like killing real people”

    It’s a game have fun. But don’t disparage people that do enjoy it just because you enjoy doing something different.

    I’m 35, I enjoy Guitar Hero, I enjoy Rock Band. They are mindless fun especially with a group of people. I think of it as an interactive way to listen to music. And whats funny is that I decided to learn how to play guitar after playing Guitar Hero. And I’m having a great time learning to play. But I still enjoy the games. But you can’t compare the two.

    I also won’t be surprised when the next generation of Guitar Players admit that they got their start when they played Guitar Hero and decided they wanted to learn to play Guitar.

  4. Tom says:

    If you want to play with little plastic toys, that’s your business and I can’t stop you.

    I think it’s awesome that Guitar Hero led you into playing real guitar again; I have heard the same story about other people. And I think that is really great.

    I would recommend you read this, as it is a really good read:

  5. james brown says:

    guitar hero is gay

  6. c1aybourne says:

    you got rickroll’d.

  7. Jezus53 says:

    I hate how the guitar has now become more of an image instead of an instrument because of guitar hero. It’s sad to me.

    I also hate how how so many people take up guitar because of it (thinking they’re good at guitar because they play GH) and they go around saying the can play guitar even though they can’t name a single chord. It’s annoying. I had to deal with people like that all year in my guitar class.

    And I don’t know if you guys have seen this, but the have a commercial for this electronic guitar pick that when you move it it makes guitar noises. That has got to be the pinnacle of stupid. I swear if anyone buys that and shows me it I’m going to laugh in their face because they are such an idiot!

  8. George says:

    i was one of those people who started off on guitar hero 1, on medium, and worked my way up to being able to 4 star dragon force on expert. i know thats lame, but im so glad i got into guitar hero, because it made me buy a real guitar, and i am having so much more fun playing guitar now instead of guitar hero! i know GH is nowhere near a real guitar, but i feel that the game definetly gave me a good sense of rythm and is helping me learn and progress with a real guitar. i dont play Gh any more because 1) real guitar is more fun, and 2) my controller broke

  9. Rick says:

    Guitar hero also got me playing guitar, i guess the reason people like guitar hero is because it feels as if they create music, im sure any guitar player would prefer the actualy guitar because they are able to play the real deal instead of some video game.

    oh and also

    You got rick rolled!!…Bitch

  10. jarrod says:

    That is the problem with this world too many opinionated people. Just because one other does not see eye to eye with anothers likes that person feels the need to criticize the other. But in the end it will happen again. Example: “someones feels bad after being called a loser for playing Guitar Hero, so that person decided to play the real guitar only to have someone say you are wasting your time cause you suck”
    All you are doing is making it so they are hated once again.

  11. kyler says:

    i agree with jezu53 about the little piece of crap pick. WAT A WASTE OF MY FREAKIN’ MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

  12. georgie.. says:

    haaa poor kyler they hurt his lil feelings well i play guitar hero… its alright
    i play real guitar too way before i started playin gh.. its just a game and nothing compared to teh real thing… sad 😀

    and its dumb when ppl are all.. yea i play guitar… hero.. haa
    get a life brahh xD

  13. lewist321 says:

    a lad in my music class said to me “i can play through fire and flames on expert ha ha beat that !!!” i replyed “i can play sweet child o mine on REAL guitar.” he said “so?” i handed him a guitar,a pick and tabs for sweet child o mine he didn’t know what to do HA HA HA !!!!

  14. Joinme says:

    Guitar hero is retarded why don’t you play a real instrument, and now DJ hero WTF?

  15. SV1234 says:

    Ugh, I actually hate guitar hero haters (at least some of them). I play guitar hero (before you say anything I play real guitar too) and most of my friends play it too, but I hate it when people think we go around saying we can play real guitar just because we like the game.

    I go to lots of online forums and there’s always the guy who sucks at real guitar who hates guitar hero. I’ve been told that it’s “sad” that I started playing guitar after buying this game. I’ve been told stupid for liking the game, that playing guitar hero makes you look like an idiot and that it’s the kind of game you give to babies to learn the colors.

    And I’m SICK of it. It’s just a game, I don’t pretend I’m a rock star or anything… It’s not supposed to be like the real thing, it’s just supposed to be fun.

  16. mu-c says:

    It’s not the game I hate, it’s the douchebags that consider the harder difficulties to be similar to playing a real guitar. I know people who have said “this must be just as hard as playing the real thing”.

    No. This is retarded. You have 6 buttons. A real guitar has a few dozen.

    Being good at guitar hero doesn’t make you good at guitar. I’m good at CoD4 but I’d be shit in a war. Equally, I’m not a professional footballer nor am I some persuasion of fruit-crazed bandicoot.

  17. Loren Dircks says:

    The game is an inane symptom of a much bigger picture. I am a tele player and songwriter and I recently came under HEAVY fire from the gaming community for my music video. They called me malevolent, a hater, etc. They picked apart every detail of my playing, singing, songwriting, but almost NONE of them actually understood it because they were so butthurt that I took some playful jabs at their game. I would LOVE for you to check it out and let me know what YOU think.
    Thanks, Loren Dircks

  18. tommy says:

    If everyone played guitar hero instead of real guitar then no one would write any songs; therefore guitar hero would not exist. We have to think about it as a collective culture we do not want to create one giant echo chamber, or do we?

  19. tommy says:

    I like the video loren very funny. If you come under fire who cares? If people get upset for being made fun of for playing video games then maybe they should give up video games? Lol.

    For those of you who didn’t see the link to Lorens video check it out here:

  20. Lolwow says:

    This has to be a joke. PLEASE say this is a joke. People actually give a damn what other people do with their time? What does it really matter to you? Oh no! You have to deal with silly search results instead of using that brain of yours to sort through them? Oh, goodness no! You have to deal with watching a few seconds of a video you don’t like?! Whatever will you do?? Seriously, I’m astounded that the idiocy in the world has reached this level. And let me guess…you are tired of people thinking they are awesome at guitar because they can do well in a game. Well, too bad. People have been like that as long as anyone can remember. There have always been hacks who played REAL guitars and thought they were amazing but they were total shit. There were vocalists who thought they were just the bee’s knees of singers when their voices are more akin to dying cats (see shows like American Idol). So who cares if some idiot thinks they are amazing at actual guitar because they can play expert on Guitar Hero? Anyone who isn’t already an idiot knows the difference and everyone who is an idiot will have found something else to think they are amazing about. Let me tell you what the real problem is. You percieve it as something that bothers YOU specifically, so all of a sudden it’s a problem with society and the downfall of music. Your real problem is with human nature. Idiots will always find something to make them feel better about themselves, and people like you will always cry when that interferes with the smallest aspect of their lives because it’s all about you, you, you. But what ges me the most is you are complaining about something that the majority of intelligent people use just to have fun. I personally play Rock Band with friends because it’s a good time and we all have a lot of fun (and before you want to say anything, I’ve both been playing guitar and been a vocalist since before the first Guitar Hero came out). I should also mention that one of the friends I play with has since taken up guitar and has learned to read music and is still practicing every day. Another friend though about picking up actual guitar but decided that it wouldn’t be for him and understood that being good at playing a plastic guitar does not mean he could play a real guitar at all. Therefore, please discontinue your idiocy or at least understand that what you are complaining about is not the game, but some of the people playing it and how stupid they can be. The game didn’t make them that way and they would be arrogant and stupid about something else if the game had never been invented.


    Funny how I gave you the benefit of the doubt because I know how messed up people can be on the internet and Youtueb especially, but I’m willing to bet a lot of the comments you got were actually justified. For one, you did the song in the style of country while criticizing rock legends such as Metallica. That instantly makes you lose all credibiility, especially since I would be willing to bet that any member of Metallica could outplay any person in your band. Also, the vocals are atrocious. Absolutely no skill or style to them. Also, the hypocrisy in the piece is amazing. You call people fat while the lead singer is somewhat chubby himself. You basically call Guitar Hero players wastes of life, but tell me, who was it that wrote an entire song dedicated to them, recorded it, made a music video for it, and then took the time to not only post it on the web, but then talk about it in random comment sections of random websites. And don’t worry, I know you’ll bring up that I am posting a long rant here, but I will openly admit that I have no life and haven’t for the past year because an anxiety condition keeps me in the house. So yes, I have no life, and yet I apparently still have a better understanding of people than you guys do. My only reason for replying to any of this idiocy is the small bit of hope I have that you people will see how ridiculous you are being and realize that you really want to fight idiocy, not video games. And unfortunately, there is no fixing stupid.

  21. Loren Dircks says:

    Wow. I could spend an hour setting the record straight, but if the real point is that obscure, then what would be the “win” in that? LOLWOW- I detect a degree of intellect so I will give you some clues to the song. Guitar Hero Gone refers to my personal RGH(sad that we have to qualify that title now) Jerry Reed who died a little over a year ago. Big Fat Pokemon is symbolism for the Beast from the East. There is an allegory to the Book of Revelation. The Trifecta of “plagues” represented by karaoke, American Idol, and your beloved Guitar Hero(game) represent the last thing that was truly ours being put on the boat as WE SOLD OUR CULTURE DOWN THE RIVER!! You were close when you pointed out the “hypocrisy” but I tend to think of it as “irony.” Forgive the broad generalizations, but WE ARE ALL THE HYPOCRITES—when we shop at Home Depot and wonder why our Dad’s hardware store went out of business…..when we go to Walmart to save five bucks, but put our own employer out of business, then we have to get a job at said Walmart for half the wage(see “whore of Babylon”)….When we eat at Olive Garden and lament the lack of real mom and pop Italian restaurants, we have no one else to blame but ourselves. Guitar Hero(the game) is merely just a symptom of our condition. I really dont give two squirts about the game. The song was written in good fun. I tried Rock Band, and the drums were fun, but the “guitar” thing was painfully boring. I understand that you may not like my singing voice, but think of this…if we had American Idol back in the fifties, we NEVER would have heard of Johnny Cash, let alone the great songwriter Bob Dylan. Bottom line, I am an artist. I will continue to make my art. Some will love it, some will hate it. You point out that I am am overweight, YOU DO WELL!!! I am about 25 pounds overweight. Perhaps you prefer the “homoginized” art that Nickelback and other bland corporate controlled entities produce. That is your perogative!!!! But we are allowed to laugh. I laugh at myself while I laugh at the world around me, that is why the nasty comments are still visible on my YouTube page. I will continue to produce my art and if it offends you, don’t buy it.
    My music makes many people happy I hope YOU’RE happy.
    Loren Dircks

  22. tommy says:

    Lolwow you said:
    And don’t worry, I know you’ll bring up that I am posting a long rant here, but I will openly admit that I have no life and haven’t for the past year because an anxiety condition keeps me in the house.

    I think that your anxiety condition could be caused by Rock Band and other such things. I am deadly serious – too much digital media will overstimulate your brain, and like you said you stay in your house. You should try going for a walk and taking a deep breath… and not get so worked up by what some guy (me) posts on the internet. I have gone through something very similar and I am sympathetic to you in that regard. I hope you figure it out, but don’t discount digital media as being a part of the problem – or surfing the net too much.

    Personally; I agree with you I don’t understand human nature (though I what you call human nature I call the effect of modern culture). Especially the people who film themselves playing guitar hero and then post it on Youtube; don’t they have anything better to do?

    Seriously if all anyone did was play Guitar Hero and make videos and post it on Youtube, who would write the songs?

  23. Lolwow says:

    @Tommy: While I can appreciate your pop psychology, what cause my condition was FAR from anything having to do with video games. I have been playing many different types of video games since I was 13 and, if anything, they have kept me sane in rough times.

    As for the discussion at hand, I am not worked up by a post so much as I am worked up by the utter ignorance I saw being expressed. The fact that anyone could be so against someone playing a game or enjoying things in life in their free time just boggles my mind. Despite what anyone says, artists will always write songs. Hell, most of the artists I know don’t even play those games and the majority of the people that DO play the game don’t feel the need to record themselves. I think something you also misunderstand is a lot of the people playing these game are children and teens. They are supposed to be playing games and enjoying their lives because goodness knows it doesn’t get any better than those days. My point is, instead of blaming a game for interfering in your life or blaming the people who play it, just ignore it and go on your merry way. All you do by posting these kinds of things is inspire anger, hatred, and resentment. Why not let them do what they will? It’s not hurting anyone and they enjoy it so let them do it and stop trying to rain on a harmless parade.

    @Loren: The purpose of my post directed at you was to show you that maybe some of the comments being said to you were criticism and not “butthurt” as you so put it. You yourself admit some of the points were true, and yet you attribute the comments to this “butthurt”. Truth of the matter is, the internet will be what it is. Anonimity has inspired an age of frankness and harsh criticism from anyone with a computer. You don’t like it, well you don’t have to listen to it, but pretending that it comes from a group who is just angry about your song is ignorant. To your comment about American Idol, I say bs, bollocks, and shennanigans. I can not stress enough how ignorant that statement is. First of all, you are aware how many people a season get record deals from doing American Idol, yes? (In case you don’t know, I believe the most was 4 or 5 artists) Now kindly look at how many musical artists exist. I would be willing to bet that less than a percent of the number of new artists is from American Idol. Now, given that, the rest of the artists were discovered the old-fashioned way: the were discovered or worked their asses off to get to that point.

    As for your assumption about my musical tastes, I do indeed like many mainstream bands/artists. However, your seeming assumption that this is a terrible thing is misplaced. There are quite a few great artists in the mainstream. What changes between person to person is whether or not you can appreciate them, which I think it could be safely said that you can’t in many cases.

    PS: Nickelback has a few good songs, whether they are “corporate-controlled” or not.

  24. tommy says:

    Lolwow, I think we are all entitled to our opinions.

    I hate guitar hero, and I am posting that on the internet. Deal with it. I’m not going to argue about whether I have a right to hate something or express an opinion on the internet, so really I have no reply to your last comment. I will write and post on the internet what I want to and you can’t change that…

  25. Lolwow says:

    You are entitled to your opinion, and at no point did I argue that you didn’t. My point was to try to show you how completely ignorant and pointless your opinion was but, as is typical with people like you, practicing neuroscience would be easier than making you listen to reason. Same mentality as the devoutly religious, actually. But since you seem unwilling to really defend your argument, allow me to say this. Music/rhythm games exist. Music is still being made aplenty. It’s not different from any other video game and, like all video games, people will make videos of it, expecially since it involves some type of skill (whether it has anything to do with actually paying an instrument or not). Might I suggest doing a little research for actual websites that give out guitar news since it seems you can’t be bothered to sort through things yourself. As for what to do about the games? As you so sternly put it, “deal with it”.

  26. tommy says:

    Your are really trying hard to provoke an arguement, aren’t you? I don’t have the time today, go play some video games and leave me alone.


  27. Lolwow says:

    Funny how when you want to express your opinion everything against you is an attack againt free speech, but when someone else wants to express an opinion they are just trying to provoke an argument and they should just leave you alone. Love the hypocrisy, fella. As for ‘provoking’ an argument, no, I’m not trying to provoke an argument. I’m trying to provoke a discussion. See, in the real world that is arguably one of the easier ways to solve problems. When there is a disagreement, one side tries to convince the other side why their argument is at fault and a compromise is reached. Then again, I’m starting to get the impression that you simply assume your argument is correct without actually thinking it through and everyone who disagrees with you is automatically wrong (hence my reference to the mentality of the devoutly religious). If you don’t want to discuss it then simply stop replying to me, but should that be the case, let me suggest this. If you believe in something but cannot defend it in a simple discussion, that’s a clear sign that there isn’t much of a basis for your argument and maybe you should rethink your position.

  28. tommy says:

    My point is this, You can’t argue a feeling or opinion. You can’t argue the fact that “I hate guitar hero”. And there is nothing wrong with that… it’s not a problem or point up for discussion it’s a personal opinion that isn’t going to change. To compare this to being devoutly religious or whatever is absurd. This blog post was made spur of the moment as a half jest and you take it way too seriously. You are turning mole hills into mountains. Just please accept the fact that “I hate guitar hero”. I accept the fact that you are in love with it.

  29. tommy says:

    Lolwow, you said:

    I’m trying to provoke a discussion. See, in the real world that is arguably one of the easier ways to solve problems. When there is a disagreement, one side tries to convince the other side why their argument is at fault and a compromise is reached.

    That is an extremely naive and idealistic viewpoint. In the “real world” one side usually just gets bombed back into the stone age… and then the problem goes away.

  30. Lolwow says:

    Can’t argue an opinion? Really? The only way you wouldn’t be able to argue/discuss it is if you had no real good basis for it in the first place. Intelligent people form opinions based on evidence, experience, and data. However, this seems much less common and we are now left with the mindset of “This is stupid so I don’t like it”. These opinions are baseless, uneducated, and generally unreasonable. I react to your ‘hatred’ of Guitar Hero the same as I would a hatred of black people or plants or any other thing that there is no real reason to ‘hate’. Also, I don’t ‘love’ Guitar Hero, I simply enjoy it. However, it is people with the same mindset as your own that wish to remove such things from life as we know it simply to suit your own flawed belief systems.

    As for my idealism and naivety, please don’t pretend to know me. As a matter of fact, I am quite the pessimist and realist. The mistake was your’s. You somehow managed to confuse international politics and corporate society with interpersonal relationships. And yes, in the real world people discuss and compromise between each other. You’ve never had a discussion with a friend? Had a friendly debate in a class? Tried to prove someone wrong? Maybe had an argument with a family member? Quite different from the world stage, wouldn’t you say?

  31. tommy says:

    Your being ridiculous.

    You seriously got to let go my friend. There are many people’s opinions you are not going to be able to change in this world that are much more harsh then some dude like me not liking guitar hero…

  32. Loren Dircks says:

    YOU are the one Lurking at a guitar player website posting your inane arguments and trying to lure people into a sparring match, while hiding behind a fake name. ENOUGH!
    I have a few questions for you…
    1. Do you have a guitar?
    2. Have you ever tried to learn to play?
    3. What is YOUR favorite kind of music and what would you want to play if you could?
    4. Would you like some lessons? I am willing to do a couple and I net some other folks here might be willing to toss in some help.
    Please let m know
    Loren ” Loren Dircks” Dircks

  33. Loren Dircks says:

    Rock on! Did not realize you were a player, I apologize for missing that if I did. As I mentioned before, I was merely making a commentary on our society as a whole with my song and video. I don’t forsee fake guitar video games as an ACTUAL threat, as I am playing now more than ever, even after the advent of GH(game). I do, however, think it (the game) is ludicrous. I choose to laugh at it, and I do not choose to play it. I imagine that if you and I talked about music for any length of time I would probably irritate you, as I am very opinionated. I like all genres, for the most part, but I am extremely picky within each one. Typical music snob. When it comes to instruments, I prefer Telecasters through Marshall amps(TUBES ONLY). I also play a Les Paul, a Strat, and a Martin. I despise Steinbergers and Ibanez hand-hole-cut-out Steve Vai guitars. I will make fun of those things from time to time. Perhaps even calling them “gay”. I would probably offend people with that, but it is just my opinion. Tommy is merely expressing his opinion about Guitar Hero and I saw it and laughed heartily. It was refreshing. I think that if you are really that bothered by the whole thing, you probably should ignore his whole page. I would not walk into another guitar player’s home and point out that his Steinberger is gay and the Dave Matthews in the CD player is hurting my ears. But in my own home I am king and I am a snob. I think Tommy has every right to spout off on his own turf, and anyone that doesn’t agree, oh well. Get over it.
    I am a 26 year player and definitely more into raw fury than technical precision. If I can be of any service with my skill set, the offer still holds. It sounds like I could benefit from some vocal coaching from you…
    Thanks, Loren

  34. Lolwow says:

    I’m being ridiculous? I’m not the one claiming to dislike modern culture while making it clearer and clearer that they are no different. You show the same apathy and hypocrisy that you seem to despise. Sounds to me like you would do well with a little soul searching, friend.

  35. Lolwow says:

    @Loren: First of all, if you knew the power of the internet, you would post under a fake name as well. With your full name, anyone can find your phone number, home address, family, friends, just about anything they want if they know where to look. Believe me, it’s not nearly as hard as you think.

    As for my ‘credentials’ so to speak, I thought I mentioned them before, but in case not: I play a real acoustic guitar and I have been for about 6 years. I’m not amazing at it, but I am passable for as much as I do practice. I have performed numerous times, both solo and with other band members accompanying. I am completely self-taught in guitar and have had about 6 years of formal vocal training in both jazz and choral music. As for my musical tastes, they generally stay within the ranges of rock (alternative, prog, classic, metal, pop, a little ska, basically whatever sounds good) but can vary from opera to showtunes as well.

  36. Lolwow says:

    @Loren: I can appreciate your views on society, even if I do not agree with them, and I can also appreciate that you are making the effort to be civil. I apologize if anything I say comes off as rash. I am a very frank and honest person and sometimes I take it a little bit too far, so if I offended you in any, please know that it was not my intent. Of course, in all of this my main goal has been to give Tommy a little sense and insight into the matter from someone who probably has a bit more experience than he does in the world of video games. These days, video games are under fire almost constantly (whether it be for violence, the so-called ‘downfall of the youth’, or just people who do not understand taking them out of context). With the advent of music rhythm games, there has been no shortage of supposed “true artists” who will do nothing but bash these games simply because they think it detracts somehow from what they do. It’s very frustrating to see these people call our friends wastes of space or losers simply because they like to share what they do. Playing these games does, in fact, require some skill on the harder difficulties (though I agree that it is not the same type of skill required to play an instrument proficiently). That being said, many people like to show off their talents in these games. In fact, there are a few of them I’ve seen that are actually sponsored for their efforts. Some of them play at large events and some are paid to play for teams. I realize that is a small portion, but many people aspire to be paid to play like others. It’s no different than people posting videos of themselves covering music on Youtube. Those people want to put themselves out there in the hopes that someday they will be ‘discovered’ and whisked away to live out their dreams. Others just want the praise of their peers. But I see no reason that one could ‘hate’ the game. It’s just really illogical to do so. Even most of the people posting videos are not that bad. There are unbearable morons but those are in every group and surely they do not represent the majority of the group.

    As for commenting on this page, I see it this way. If it’s on a public place on the internet, it’s free game for anyone’s opinion. Sure, it may be his page, but he allows anyone to come here and feels the need to post inflamatory material, therefore one can only assume he is expecting a response. I see it the same way as someone speaking out loud. If I am watching a movie with you and you make a comment, expect that I am going to chime in with my side as well. After all, you didn’t just think it, you said it aloud, so it seems to me that you are expecting input on your opinion. Oddly enough, I only found this page while looking up tabs for a song I wanted to learn (the tuner was linked and I happened to see the post he made).

    PS: I know what you mean about Steinbergers. Who came up with that thing?? And Dave Matthews has some OK songs : P.

  37. tommy says:

    Lolwow, I am dropping out of this conversation completely.

    1 – I don’t really have the time to argue with people as I have too many projects on the go. (both website and music related). I prefer to be productive and create things then argue about personal opinions, which is pretty much the only point I have tried to make in this thread.

    2 – There is no point in arguing with a MADMAN. You compare my views on GH to a religious fundamentalist or a racist. That is INSANE.

    I think you are the one that needs to do a little SOUL SEARCHING. Instead of spending all your time posting on the internet and playing video games.

  38. Lolwow says:

    LOL yes, I must be absolutely nuts. Clearly blind ignornace against race is TOTALLY different than blind ignorance against anything else. Typical double standard. Just answer one question for me. How old are you?

  39. DJdude says:

    You guys are hilarious!!!

  40. Xoel says:

    I gave up trying to learn guitar when my sister bought me Rock Band wii. RB is so much easier and no b.s. callouses. Plus,it’s far cheaper than paying a lame instructor who thought he was Randy Rhoads. Finally, it’s much easier to lure a group of girls over to my Mom’s basement by telling them we’ll play wii and drink beer than inviting them to listen to me fumble through lame ass chords. My only complaint is now the guitar companies are trying to charge as much for my plastic toy as my Ibanez (which is for sale by the way).

  41. tommy says:

    lol, I don’t even know who Randy Rhoads is. How much for the Ibanez?

  42. Lolwow says:


    Randy Rhoads is perhaps one of the best metal guitarists in history….Played for Ozzy, Quiet Riot, was taken WAY before his time unforuntely.

  43. douglas mali says:

    I don’t mind Guitar Hero as it has generated many students for my teaching
    business. Once I get the kids to realize that this is hard work their either embrace or reject the guitar as it is a life-long study.

    Besides, I still play air guitar despite being able to play may of the populat songs by Rhodes, Van Halen, Segovia, Chet Atkins, and Danny Gatton
    among the endless list of greats.

  44. sam says:

    i hate guitar hero personally all those people who say guitar hero is harder than guitar i’d like to see them play tears in heaven or waking the demon suck my ibanez s470!!!!

  45. lucifer says:

    I hate guitar hero and rock band period.

  46. asd says:

    Yay, I just got rickroll’d!

  47. wellOk says:

    i hate haters…yeah..i know..lame comment…how can you hate a video game? it is just for fun…not all of the guitar hero players says those kind of things some of you said…some people just need attention…i am a guitar hero player and i recently started learning real guitar…not because of GH…only because it was something i always wanted…and i have to say that i get the same satisfaction from both real guitar and plastic guitar…would you say to someone playing call of duty ”go kill real people, this is gay”? just be ressonable…i liked this site because we can discuss…i also like reading both sides…but i dont like reading comments like: ”people playing guitar hero are gay” or ”go play real guitar, get a life, go play your video games”…friendly, wellOk

  48. Ally says:

    You guys are absurd,
    No one in their right mind thinks they’re guitar experts if they play guitar hero.

    It’s like me saying “I’m so awesome at tetris therefore I’m probably just as awesome at being a construction worker/architect/laborer etc.”

    What you’re doing is being a hater, if you didn’t already know. If people want to play stupid plastic guitars and listen to good music, who are you to say they’re losers. It’s just a game that people enjoy yet you continue to be butthurt. Btw, I play guitar hero and do I think I’m a Herman Li? LOL, HELL NO. So calm yourself. And stop crying over it.

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